Posted by: PghTwinMom | December 13, 2011

Prince vs. Princess

As I approach the 3 month mark with Twiggy and Pot Roast I am getting a feel for their personalities, moods and deciphering the many different cries they have. Boy oh boy are there differences!! The one thing I have come to realize is my darling Twiggy is challenging the likes of Diana Ross for diva status. I always knew I wanted to have a little girl. I loved the idea of raising her to be a strong, independent, intelligent woman who speaks her mind and refuses to be someone’s doormat. In other words I wanted her to be just like me! 🙂 Well ask and you shall receive. I have a little girl who certainly knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to exercise her lungs to get it. My mother and father laugh when I tell them the temper tantrums this little girl throws. My mother says “that sounds familiar!”. My father says “it all comes around!”. Yikes.

The difference between Twiggy and Pot Roast is pretty extreme. Twiggy will fuss, scream and writhe around like she is in pain because her diaper may be a little damp. And by damp I mean barely a sprinkle. She could be having a very diva like temper tantrum but as soon as I put her on the changing table she is all smiles. Hmmmm-mmmmmm. Deeee-va. Pot Roast on the other hand could lay in a poop filled diaper all day and barely let out a peep. I think that is natures way of preparing boys for fraternity life.

My cute little Pot Roast is the complete opposite. Rarely does he throw a temper tantrum, he can tolerate a wet diaper for more than 30 seconds and displays a generally laid back attitude. Call me crazy but I swear he rolls his eyes when his sister is shaking the walls as if to say “tell me about it mom. I had to share a womb with her”. Most of the time he sits there like a little old man looking around the room. The other day set them both on the floor so I could get something to drink. When I came back Twiggy had a fist full of blanket, face beet red and getting ready to unleash her 8 pounds of fury. Pot Roast on the other hand was laying there calm as could be kicking his legs and loving every minute of it. I thought to myself a picture certainly is worth a thousand words. It also gives me a glimpse of the road ahead. I got exactly what I wanted. A feisty little girl to keep me on my toes and a cute and cuddly little boy to make me smile. And my mom and dad got to have their laughs as well. Life is good.

Posted by: PghTwinMom | December 5, 2011

You Know You’re a Mom When….

I have never been a squeamish person. But prior to having my twins the thought of being peed, pooped or spit up on was enough to send me to the bathroom frantically grabbing for the anti bacterial soap and maybe a little bit of bleach to soak the part of my body that had been contaminated by the offending bodily fluid. What is it about becoming a mom that makes poop on your hand make you shrug your shoulders and calmly clean it up with a wipey before going to make your lunch. Well maybe not go and handle food….but you catch my drift.

As a new mom I have certainly made some rookie mistakes. Pot Roast has proven a worth adversary when changing his diaper. It is a race to get the new one on before he unleashes the flood gates. He has caught me off guard a few times so my only defense is to put my hand over it so he doesn’t spray the wall behind him. Pre-Twins = “Baaahhhhh!!! Pee all over my hand!!!!!!!”. Post-Twins = “Honey can you do me a favor? I need a clean onesie. Oh and by the way grab me a towel?”. Totally calm without a hint of panic. My husband was shocked to learn one day that our darling little Twiggy was capable of the same level of liquid carnage that Pot Roast was. I subjected him to the same snickering I had received the first time Pot Roast baptized me. HAHA….amateur.

Exploding diapers. Need I say more?? I didn’t think so.

Spit up … Which is really just one step away from full on vomit … Prior to the twins would have caused me to gag as if the offending body fluid came out of someone who was just on a week long tequila bender. Anyone over the age of 17 knows what I’m talking about. But now the spit up on my shirt is usually forgotten about and completes its tour of duty on my body for the rest of the day.

What is it about being a mom that makes you obsessed with poop? You need to know size, color and consistency of every bowel movement that your little angels make. I never thought that I would arrive to a point in my life where I need to know how many times another human being goes to the bathroom or even that it has become a topic of daily conversation in our house. I really hope I’m not the only one.

Being that I am only 2 months in I am sure they have many more surprises in store for me. Delivering them with those adorable little smiles on those adorable little faces.

Posted by: PghTwinMom | December 2, 2011

Blink of an Eye

WOW!!! Twiggy and Pot Roast will be 2 months old tomorrow. Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just last week we were bringing them home from the hospital. A lot has happened and they have changed so much in such a short period of time. The little expressive faces and smiles and cooing just melts my heart every time!! They are growing right before my eyes and I want to soak up every minute of it. I don’t want to miss a smile, laugh, sneeze, coo or anything else they have in store for me. Granted there are times I want to duct tape Pot Roast’s binkie to his face or move Twiggy to the basement and put ear plugs in when she is having a colic fit (which I’m hoping will be over soon) I still deep down love every minute. This is what I signed up for.

It really hit me last night as I was watching Twiggy interact with her environment. I have spent the last 2 months juggling 2 newborns and figuring out how to take care of them. Betweens feedings, diapers, fussiness, laundry, cleaning, and bathing them I don’t feel like I’ve stopped to slow down and really see how they are growing. And …. I start back to work (lucky to be able to work from home!!) on Monday. Do all moms feel like this? People always say that time goes by so fast and to enjoy these moments when they are young. They aren’t kidding! I want to make sure I am spending enough time bonding with them both as individuals and not just “taking care” of them. I suspect most moms of multiples feel this way. I have much respect for mothers of triplets and more. I can’t even imagine. I would love to hear from other multiple mommies. How did you adjust and manage your babies once you brought them home?

Speaking of one of those moments…Pot Roast just filled a diaper. I’m off to change him and dispose of the mess in the nearest haz mat bag. It’s disgusting but he has the biggest smile on his face right now. I guess no matter how old you are OUT is always better than IN.

Posted by: PghTwinMom | November 29, 2011

Sleep (or lack of)

Seems like such a normal part of your daily routine right?  You get up in the morning, shower, work, come home, eat dinner and then go to bed to sleep.  As the parent of a newborn you find it a bit more challenging to sleep but between you and your significant other you are getting a good night sleep every other night.  As the parent to newborn twins you pretty much say goodbye to it for awhile and think back to the carefree days when you took it for granted.  Sleep becomes 30 to 90 minute power naps if you are lucky.  By 2 months the “power” has left the nap when you realize that you are staring at your perfect little baby and you can’t remember his/her name and started spooning formula into your morning coffee instead of sugar.  My husband and I took the “divide and conquer” approach.  The divide part of the plan works just fine.  But it seems like the conquer part of the plan belongs to the twins.  How is it we get up in the morning looking like we have been through a war and the twins wake up smiling and bright eyed??  They always say what goes around comes around.  I will have great satisfaction when that day comes.  In the meantime I will dream (in short 30-90 minute increments) of the days when a full 8 hours was nothing unusual.

My little girl . . ..rubbing it in.